News Ticker published 480 reviews in 2018 from twelve reviewers.

Our staff was very prolific in 2018. I'm proud of all their efforts and our site in it's 18th year as a home for long form independent arts journalism.

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Our staff was very prolific in 2018. I’m proud of all their efforts and our site in it’s 18th year as a home for long form independent arts journalism.

Chronologically, these were the most recent 100 reviews posted on the site.

The Chase Brock Experience: The Girl with the Alkaline Eyes Brock’s most complex and satisfying work as a modern dance concert choreographer. Joel Benjamin 12/30/2018
The Return of Bina Sharif The East Village theater fixture gloriously comes back to the stage after an illness in her sly surrealistic topical play accompanied by a sparkling cast. Darryl Reilly 12/30/2018
Clueless, The Musical Slick and professional musical version of the cult nineties film from screenwriter Amy Heckerling is faithful to the original but misses its nonchalant charm. Victor Gluck 12/28/2018
Slave Play Startling, explosive new play about sex and race relations in the U.S. that is an immersive theatrical experience. Victor Gluck 12/28/2018
The Prom A high-spirited, old-fashioned musical comedy where the cast’s energy spills out over the footlights, something it’s been lacking for years on Broadway. David Kaufman 12/27/2018
ZviDance: Bear’s Ears & Detour Zvi Gotheiner has eschewed gimmickry for dances that were emotionally and psychologically satisfying. Joel Benjamin 12/27/2018
Nassim Unusual performance piece about communication and understanding with a different guest actor at every performance who is given a sealed envelope by the Iranian playwright. Victor Gluck 12/25/2018
The Mendelssohn Electric Entertaining and informative 1980’s style pop-rock musical about 19th century composer Fanny’s struggle for acceptance in the male-dominated music world is fine for both young people as well as adults. Victor Gluck 12/24/2018
All Is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914 An emotionally powerful look at a spontaneous outbreak of peace during World War I—suffused with music. Mark Dundas Wo 12/24/2018
Nut/Cracked A let-it-all-hang-out casual style combined with a refreshing, if chaotic, combination of ballet, modern and tap (even that old Vaudeville standby toe tap!) Joel Benjamin 12/23/2018
C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters Max McLean and Jeffrey Fiske’s adaptation of the C.S, Lewis novel set in Hell returns for the third time in this solo play with Brent Harris in the title role. David Kaufman 12/23/2018
Network Ivo van Hove’s exciting and riveting stage version of the Paddy Chayefsky cautionary tale gives Bryan Cranston the role of a lifetime. Victor Gluck 12/22/2018
Fabulation, or The Re-Education of Undine In Lynn Nottage’s vigorously presented lightweight satirical fable we follow the downward spiral of a self-invented NYC African-American socialite. Darryl Reilly 12/21/2018
Christmas in Hell Delightful new musical comedy about a father who has to challenge Lucifer in order to get back his son after he eats some poisoned fruitcake at Christmas time. Victor Gluck 12/21/2018
The Baby Monitor A fascinating examination of how quickly intimates can resort to self-serving, backstabbing deception just when their loyalty is most needed. Joel Benjamin 12/20/2018
A 2018 Ten Best List It was difficult selecting just ten from the 144 shows I reviewed this year as there were many exceptional new plays, solo works and Shakespearean revivals. Darryl Reilly 12/19/2018
Bitter Greens Green Communications, an eco-friendly company, and a kale, banana, almond milk and plant protein drink are among the many references to greens in this new play. David Kaufman 12/19/2018
The Cher Show A jukebox biography of a cultural icon staged with a more-is-more philosophy that pays off in glitz and glamour. Joel Benjamin 12/19/2018
The Eight: Reindeer Monologues Shocking allegations against Santa and Mrs. Claus’ behavior are explored in this hysterical black comedy that has all of the reindeers offering testimony. Darryl Reilly 12/18/2018
Sleeping Beauty Dreams Sleeping Beauty Dreams has the potential to make ballet more accessible to new audiences thanks to the fusion with technology and EDM. The science-fiction and AI-inspired performance abolishes cozy fairy tale connotations. Karen McHenry 12/17/2018
The Net Will Appear Richard Masur gives a sensitive performance in this two-hander about a friendship between a crotchety septuagenarian and a nine-year-old girl. Mark Dundas Wo 12/15/2018
The Apple Boys: A Barbershop Quartet Musical The world premiere of this delightful musical pays tribute to the uniquely American art form of the barbershop quartet. Victor Gluck 12/15/2018
If Loving Yule is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right John Burns’ Christmas-themed cabaret act is an hour of delightful irreverence with glorious singing, uproarious comedy and audience participation. Darryl Reilly 12/14/2018
The Hello Girls Engrossing and entertaining new musical from Peter Mills and Cara Reichel tells the true story of the first women telephone operators for the U.S. Army in World War I. Victor Gluck 12/13/2018
Ruben & Clay’s Christmas Show The “American Idol” stars are joined by a captivating quintet in this pleasant holiday show that recalls wholesome vintage television variety specials. Darryl Reilly 12/13/2018
The Truth About Santa This fast-moving, frolicking farce about Santa at the Apocalypse will spike your holiday punch and shake the star off of your Christmas tree. Christopher Caz 12/12/2018
Noura The travails of a clan of Iraqi immigrants living in the U.S. is explored in this Ibsenesque family drama that is set on Christmas Eve in New York City. Darryl Reilly 12/12/2018
A Child’s Christmas in Wales (2018) A heartwarming show—as much musical recital as play—based on the remembrances of poet Dylan Thomas. Mark Dundas Wo 12/11/2018
Experiments in Opera: Modularias The experimenting contained in these four works is rich and daring. Supported by the overall sound design of Nathaniel Butler and the stage management of Anna Aschliman, these short operas are fine, successful affirmations of the overall mission and goals of Experiment in Opera. Jean Ballard Terep 12/11/2018
Selkie A young American couple who are drug dealers become mixed up with a mythological shape-shifting seal in this far out play that’s dynamically presented. Darryl Reilly 12/9/2018
The Hard Problem Tom Stoppard’s latest play takes on the mind/body problem in a cerebral tale of psychologists, scientists and mathematicians. Victor Gluck 12/7/2018
Quicksand Ambitious, epical staging of Nella Larsen’s first novel about the journey of a biracial beauty who discovers that she can’t fit in anywhere in America or Europe. Victor Gluck 12/7/2018
Shadows: A Dance Musical Perhaps there is an involving dance musical to be found in this material but this production isn’t it. Joel Benjamin 12/6/2018
The Tricky Part A middle-aged man confronts the man who sexually molested him as a child in performer Martin Moran’s absorbing self-written confessional solo play. Darryl Reilly 12/5/2018
The Emperor’s Nightingale Playwright Damon Chua has taken a classic Hans Christian Andersen story and given it a great deal more depth. Joseph Pisano 12/4/2018
Twyla Tharp: Minamalism and Me —Meta description not set. Joel Benjamin 12/4/2018
Step into the Sun A thoughtful, eclectic and affirmative program of inspired songs was performed by the talented singer Christopher Caswell during his vivacious cabaret act. Darryl Reilly 12/4/2018
The Lifespan of a Fact Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale have a field day as a fact-checker, an editor and an essayist (who is not a journalist) in this “true” story. Victor Gluck 12/3/2018
Lewiston/Clarkston A theatrical event: a masterpiece from Idaho theater poet Samuel D. Hunter, a communal dinner, and an intriguing companion play curtain raiser. Victor Gluck 12/2/2018
Chasing the New White Whale An earnest, ambitious and theatrical take on drug addiction in the contemporary U.S. with “Moby Dick” motifs as its set in a New England fishing village. Darryl Reilly 11/30/2018
Life x 3 A taut and funny revival of a gem of a play by Yasmina Reza. Joel Benjamin 11/28/2018
Two by Friel The 50 Anniversary production of “Lovers: Winners” and the New York premiere of “The Yalta Game,” adapted from Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Lap Dog” from Irish author Brian Friel. David Kaufman 11/28/2018
Shadow of Heroes Powerful political study of Hungary from the fall of the Nazis to the Hungarian Revolution is both dense and confusing but also enlightening and provocative. Victor Gluck 11/28/2018
Downstairs New Theresa Rebeck thriller about domestic abuse teaming siblings Tyne and Tim Daly for the first time leaves more than the violence to the audience’s imagination. Victor Gluck 11/27/2018
Bernie and Mikey’s Trip to the Moon The story of the struggles of a Chicago working-class family caring for a developmentally challenged adult daughter will warm and win your heart. Christopher Caz 11/26/2018
Wild Goose Dreams Romance between a South Korean man and a North Korean woman defector is mainly conducted through the Internet as a play for voices. Victor Gluck 11/25/2018
Tom Pain (based on nothing) An overzealous production and an easy-going acting style blunt the point of an odd, meandering script. Joel Benjamin 11/25/2018
The New York Pops – Song and Dance:  The Best of Broadway —Meta description not set. Joel Benjamin 11/24/2018
Hype Man: a break beat play A white rapper on the verge of success clashes with his black childhood friend and bandmate’s political inclinations in this exhilarating topical drama. Darryl Reilly 11/23/2018
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me Long and difficult, three flawless performances enrich this graceful revival of the 1992 hostage drama where humor coexists with despair in 1980’s Beirut. Darryl Reilly 11/21/2018
King Kong An entertaining but flawed new musical, one that probably won’t be mentioned in theater history books as an artistic advance. Joel Benjamin 11/21/2018
Eve’s Song Riveting new play about being young, female, black or gay in any combination in America today. Victor Gluck 11/20/2018
The New One on Broadway The first of Birbiglia’s solo shows to reach Broadway finds fresh laughter in the old “impending fatherhood jitters” theme. Mark Dundas Wo 11/20/2018
The Other Josh Cohen The odyssey of a young NYC schlemiel whose luck changes is told in this pleasant well-performed musical absent a gripping plot that’s a mild diversion. Darryl Reilly 11/19/2018
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui If Brecht is something of a minimalist playwright, he has met his match in John Doyle who has directed and designed the current production without any fuss David Kaufman 11/18/2018
Days of Rage New Steven (“Dear Evan Hansen”) Levenson play takes on college student revolutionaries in conflict as they prepare for the Chicago demonstrations of October 1969. Victor Gluck 11/18/2018
Passion Nation A highlight of the theatrical presentation was the re-enactment of the 1858 debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, as they vied for a Senate seat. Karen McHenry 11/17/2018
American Son Kerry Washington is commanding as a Florida mother whose son has an incident with the police in this wan racial drama that’s given a first-rate production. Darryl Reilly 11/16/2018
The Female Role Model Project Four engaging women perform in this breezy high tech encounter session with audience help that includes projected brain waves and a celebrity gameshow. Darryl Reilly 11/15/2018
Natural Shocks Pascale Armand gives a tour de force performance in a one-woman play by Lauren Gunderson which ends up as a cautionary tale. Victor Gluck 11/15/2018
The Little Prince If there are any limitations on the abilities of this joyful company of actors, none are apparent. Joel Benjamin 11/14/2018
Lured The perils of being gay in today’s Russia are luridly examined in a new drama based on real events. Joel Benjamin 11/14/2018
Gloria: A Life This ebullient pageant on the history of modern America feminism focuses on one of the movement’s most celebrated figures. Mark Dundas Wo 11/14/2018
Dada at the Movies: Guy Livingston, piano A film-and-music immersion in absurdity, comedy and artistic intelligence from a century ago … still relevant today. Jean Ballard Terep 11/13/2018
The Tenant A leading ballet dancer stars in a new dance play based on Roland Topor’s 1964 cult psychological novel and Roman Polanski’s film. Joel Benjamin 11/13/2018
Daniel’s Husband Michael McKeever’s play about a same sex couple who choose not to get married returns to Off Broadway and seems more relevant that ever. Victor Gluck 11/12/2018
Beautiful Day Without You Dan Butler is outstanding as a curmudgeon whose dog attacks a neighbor’s dog in this difficult, quirky and absorbing drama that is strikingly presented. Darryl Reilly 11/12/2018
Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade Monodrama with David Arrow is more episodic than dramatic, but it evokes the final months of Robert F. Kennedy’s life in an engaging, timely way. Mark Dundas Wo 11/12/2018
India Pale Ale Authentic atmosphere in Jaclyn Backhaus’ play about the Punjabi community in Wisconsin pulls in four different directions. Victor Gluck 11/10/2018
Waiting for Godot (Druid Theatre) This Druid Theatre revival of Beckett’s masterpiece goes for laughs at the expense of depth and is overall pleasing without making a great impact. Darryl Reilly 11/9/2018
The Book of Merman Delightful small scale musical brings the Mormon Missionaries to the door of Ethel Merman with witty pastiche score which suits the Merm to a T. Victor Gluck 11/8/2018
The Waverly Gallery A marvelous and heartfelt drama from Kenneth Lonergan, now receiving a perfect revival with a star turn by Elaine May back on Broadway for the first time since 1961. David Kaufman 11/7/2018
The Thanksgiving Play Sicangu Lakota playwright Larissa FastHorse kicks off the holiday season with some much-needed satire. Joseph Pisano 11/7/2018
I’m Not A Comedian…I’m Lenny Bruce Ronnie Marmo dynamically portrays the monumental performer in his imaginative self-written biographical solo show that’s robustly staged by Joe Mantegna. Darryl Reilly 11/7/2018
Sycorax, Cyber Queen of Qamara Sandra Bargman is terrific as the title character of this ambitious fantasia about the unseen witch from “The Tempest” given an underwhelming production. Darryl Reilly 11/6/2018
Prinze: The One-Man Show The tale of a troubled artist who lived too short a life, dying at the height of his career, as portrayed by Jose Sonera. Joel Benjamin 11/5/2018
Inner Voices 2018 Rebecca Luker’s majestic performance as the mother of an autistic son is a highlight of this mostly enthralling program of three one-act solo musicals. Darryl Reilly 11/5/2018
Not Your Childhood Puppets! A Magical Evening at the 8th Annual La MaMa Puppet Festival —Meta description not set. Karen McHenry 11/5/2018
Mother of the Maid Glenn Close has a bravura role as the mother of Joan of Arc in new Jane Anderson play which brings to the stage 15th century domestic life. Victor Gluck 11/4/2018
Good Grief A choppy memory play with a Young Adult slant as a woman details her trauma over of the death of someone close to her. It’s well played but over produced. Darryl Reilly 11/4/2018
The Ferryman An experience whose aftermath will linger for days, if not weeks and months, from the author of Jerusalem and The River. Joel Benjamin 11/1/2018
Sakina’s Restaurant A tour de force performance that places us in Aasif Mandvi’s ever-changing reality as he impersonates six characters. David Kaufman 10/31/2018
The Yeomen of the Guard Though it could have used a tad more sparkle at times, this version of Gilbert & Sullivan’s most serious operetta contained lovely musical moments. Mark Dundas Wo 10/31/2018
When We Went Electronic Two young women workers in a NYC branch of American Apparel carry on in this surrealistic satire with songs. The terrific performers elevate the material. Darryl Reilly 10/31/2018
Renascence Edna St. Vincent Millay’s once famous poem gets the musical treatment in this experimental work from Transport Group. Victor Gluck 10/30/2018
Thunderbodies Kate Tarker’s satiric new play at Soho Rep. defies explanation and staying to the end. Joseph Pisano 10/30/2018
Love, Linda The legacy of Cole Porter as seen by his wife Linda, written and performed by Stevie Holland. Joel Benjamin 10/30/2018
Fireflies Fascinating but densely written new play about the Black gay experience, circa 1963, by new playwright Donja R. Love. Victor Gluck 10/29/2018
ON THE TOWN… with Chip Deffaa …. October 28nd, 2018 Jonathan Larson had a lot to give the world. I watched Rent quickly find a mass audience, in a way that happens perhaps once in a generation. It opened Off-Broadway, in 1996, with an explosive energy, and I happily watched the audience respond in kind. It soon transferred to Broadway. And it was the hot ticket–much the way Hamilton would be, about 20 years later. Chip Deffaa, Edito 10/28/2018

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