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Karen McHenry & Greg Lueck are lifelong Massachusetts residents. In 2016, they started spending half the year in New York. When not working remotely, Karen & Greg try to fill their calendars with events and activities throughout the city, ranging from music to theater, lectures, puppet performances, and more.

Sleeping Beauty Dreams

December 15, 2018

The multimedia performance art event “Sleeping Beauty Dreams” opened its two-night run at the [more]

Passion Nation

November 16, 2018

Passion Nation is billed as immersive entertainment with integrated food and drink that tells an inspiring tale of American optimism and accomplishments. The experience follows a reverse chronological timeline from 1969 to the 1700s, highlighting different aspects of American history through live acting, recorded music, and 360-degree projected imagery. The four-course meal is intended to align with different eras. [more]