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That Physics Show

Enjoyable and interesting for all ages, this production uses scientific experiments to promote curiosity and prove that learning can be fun.

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David Maiullo in a scene from “That Physics Show!” (Photo credit: Donnell Culver)

David Maiullo in a scene from “That Physics Show!” (Photo credit: Donnell Culver)


Ryan Mikita

Children love science experiments, and that’s a fact. Whether it means blowing things up, getting messy, or both, these are just a few of the ways that children can relate and take interest in science and—more specifically—physics. This is the formula on which That Physics Show relies, an interactive and experimental (literally) piece of theater which is a ton of fun but also educational.

That Physics Show is the brainchild of David Maiullo, a professional physics demonstrator who also happens to have a knack for comedy. Created and performed by Mr. Maiullo, this one man show—plus his assistant Kelsey Lane Dies—is a surprisingly educational production which, though it doesn’t have any narrative, is very engaging. From the moment the theater doors open, there is an infectious curiosity which permeates through the crowd: the stage is littered with test tubes, weights, racks, liquids, mysterious boxes containing curious looking objects and random items such as balloons, a fire extinguisher, and even a can of coke. Looking around, one can’t help but wonder how all the different objects will come to use.

Kelsey Lane Dies and David Maiullo in a scene from “That Physics Show!” (Photo credit: Donnell Culver)

Kelsey Lane Dies and David Maiullo in a scene from “That Physics Show!” (Photo credit: Donnell Culver)

Geared towards a younger generation, Mr. Maiullo’s on-stage persona is bubbly and energetic; a man who is passionate and deeply interested in physics. Before every experiment, he takes ample time to discuss the different components and terms which are about to be applied. He is very thorough in his preparation, and also makes sure to constantly remind the room that safety is paramount. By the end of the program, thanks to Mr. Maiullo’s careful attention to detail and thorough explaining, it is also clear the he is no actor performing a scripted show: this is a trained and experienced professional, performing in a controlled environment. This last bit is definitely worth mentioning, for even for an adult some of the experiments are nerve-wracking.

Directed and produced by Eric Krebs, the format of the show and the order in which the experiments are strung together links one to the next in a pragmatic way. Ingeniously, key physics terms are defined early on so that as the show continues, Mr. Maiullo can perform more complex experiments which, in explanation, require a basic terminology. As a result, That Physics Show is approachable, intelligible and interesting for both children and adults. Jam packed with exciting experiments from beginning to end, That Physics Show is a refreshing and unique hour and a half of theater which is intellectually satisfying but also humorous, exciting and simply down-right fun. 

That Physics Show (through May 25, 2019 in repertory with That Chemistry Show)

The Playroom, 151 W. 4th Street, in Manhattan

For tickets, call OvationTix 866-811-4111 or visit

Running time: one hour and 30 minutes with no intermission

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