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Content Writer Nicole Hardy is celebrated for her detailed and thoughtful journalism within the realms of education and the arts, with a special emphasis on performing arts education. Over the course of her decade-long career, Hardy has earned a reputation as a trusted expert in her field. Her writing is marked by thorough analysis and a captivating style of storytelling. She earned her Master's degree in Journalism from the University of Arts, with a focus on arts and culture journalism.
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Musical Theater in Colleges: Shaping Social Awareness Through Art

May 22, 2024

Musical theater at the college level often pushes boundaries, challenging traditional narratives and fostering innovation in storytelling. This creative experimentation is essential, enabling students to harness both creative and critical thinking skills necessary for effective communication. The dynamic nature of musical theater, with its blend of music, dialogue, and dance, offers a powerful means of cultural expression and critique. [more]

Unleashing the Drama: A Guide to Theater Plays Every Student Should Experience

May 21, 2024

For educators and students alike, "Hamlet" offers numerous avenues for exploration—from its rich language and intricate plot to its deep philosophical questions. Teachers can engage students through interactive performances, critical essays, and group discussions to dissect the layers of Shakespeare’s most introspective work. This approach not only enhances students' analytical skills but also their appreciation for classical literature. [more]