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Allen Lewis Rickman

The Actors

May 18, 2024

Playwright and actor Ronnie Larsen, best known for his series of erotic plays with titles like "Making Porn" and "Sleeping with Straight Men," has now switched to a charmingly humorous Neil Simon-like sitcom. "The Actors," which previously appeared in Florida and Utah, offers a premise with a lot of potential. While the acting is rather uneven, Stuart Meltzer’s direction is smooth and fast paced so that the play moves along at a fast clip making the lines seem funnier than they are. Much of the humor comes from references to long-running television shows of the past like "The Love Boat" and "The Six MIllion Dollar Man," ones that might represent your childhood or youth. [more]

King of the Jews

October 31, 2023

How does a Holocaust-themed play land with such emotional impact as Leslie Epstein’s "King of the Jews" at the HERE Theatre?  Based on his novel of the same name, "King of the Jews" is a searing, eye-opening glimpse of a dark period in world history. Set in the formerly elegant Astoria Café in 1939 and 1941 Poland, "King of the Jews" turns the employees and customers into a microcosm of Jewish society, a community being crushed under the boots of the invading Nazis.  These trapped Jews emerge as real people.  As the eleven p.m. curfew, enforced by Gestapo goons, approaches, they each react in their own way. [more]