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Matthew Harrison

A Girl Far From Normal

July 17, 2023

"A Girl Far From Normal" by Robyn Bishop-Marin takes us on that stroll down the lanes of her memory, and it is fearsome, delightful, heartfelt, wrenching, and funny. Matthew Harrison's direction allows Bishop-Marin to engage in a conversation with the audience. It is a technique that allows, as he puts it, for her "...courage, humility, and passion..." to shine and share some deeply personal aspects of her life. The play is, in a sense, a romantic comedy, in the grand tradition of those types of shows. Still, it is also a revelatory therapeutic journey into how the rom-com idea is a pale substitute for reality. It is a play that will take you on a journey into your places of light and dark, but do it with empathy and compassion for what a daunting trip can be. It will be worth your while to spend some time with Robyn. [more]