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1  Ulisse by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 04/16/2002
2  Umbrella by Eugene Paul on 04/20/2008
3  Uncle Tom’S Cabin by Joel Benjamin on 12/06/2010
4  Uncle Vanya by Simon Saltzman on 05/06/2003
5  Uncle Vanya by Victor Gluck on 02/15/2009
6  Uncle Vanya by Deirdre Donovan on 04/09/2010
7  Uncle Vanya: Vodka, Tea, And Tears by Nina Davinci Nichols on 01/20/2003
8  Under My Skin by Victor Gluck on 05/17/2014
9  Under The Gaslight by Victor Gluck on 12/01/2009
10  Underneath The Lintel by Simon Saltzman on 01/14/2006
11  Unlock'd by Victor Gluck on 07/03/2013
12  Unnatural Acts by Deirdre Donovan on 07/05/2011
13  Untitled Feminist Show by Eugene Paul on 01/25/2012
14  Unwrap Your Candy by Carolyn Albert on 12/04/2001
15  Up In Central Park by Victor Gluck on 04/07/2011
16  Uptown Express At Don't Tell Mama: Seasons Of Love by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 12/11/2003
17  Utah Shakespearean Festival: Dynamic, Vital Theater Community by Victor Gluck on 08/01/2007
18  Ute Lemper At Joe’S Pub “Pirate Jenny Comes Back” by Deirdre Donovan on 11/24/2008
19  Ute Lemper At Joe’S Pub: Last Tango In Berlin by Deirdre Donovan on 12/14/2009
20  Ute Lemper At Poisson Rouge by Deirdre Donovan on 06/16/2009
21  Ute Lemper At Spiegelworld Tent: “Angels Over Berlin” by Deirdre Donovan on 09/03/2008
22  Ute Lemper & Brooklyn Philharmonic: A Tribute To Great Cities by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 04/22/2006
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