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1  Take 10: An Evening Of Nine Ten-Minute Plays by Eugene Paul on 04/15/2013
2  Take Me Along by Eugene Paul on 03/07/2008
3  Taking Over by Victor Gluck on 11/30/2008
4  Tales From Red Vienna by Victor Gluck on 03/19/2014
5  Talk Radio by Simon Saltzman on 03/15/2007
6  Talking Heads by Simon Saltzman on 06/12/2003
7  Tam Lin by Gwen Orel on 10/31/2004
8  Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch At Bam: 1St Ny Performance Since Her Passing by Wickham Boyle on 10/12/2010
9  Tartuffe by Andy Smith on 04/16/2009
10  Tartuffe: "On Being Tartuffified" by Nina Davinci Nichols on 01/11/2003
11  Tarzan S(W)Ings by Elliot Rush on 05/16/2006
12  Tea And Sympathy by Victor Gluck on 03/15/2007
13  Tea At Five by Simon Saltzman on 03/22/2003
14  Tea For Three: Lady Bird, Pat & Betty by Joel Benjamin on 06/25/2013
15  Teatro Grattacielo: Cena Delle Beffe by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 11/20/2004
16  Teatro Grattacielo: Guglielmo Ratcliff by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 11/25/2003
17  Teatro Grattacielo: Zazà by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 11/14/2005
18  Temporal Powers by Victor Gluck on 08/31/2011
19  Ten Blocks On The Camino Real by Victor Gluck on 01/20/2009
20  Ten Brecht Poems by Jack Quinn on 10/27/2002
21  Ten Chimneys by Victor Gluck on 10/07/2012
22  Ten Little Indians by Robert Windeler on 02/08/2003
23  Ten Percent Of Molly Snyder by Simon Saltzman on 05/24/2005
24  Tender Napalm by Victor Gluck on 08/31/2012
25  Tennie Leonard: What About Today?...Anything Goes by Philis Raskind on 05/09/2005
26  Tere O’Connor Dance: 2 New Works by R. Pikser on 12/08/2012
27  Tessler Illuminates Melancholy Schubert Song Cycle by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: Time/Date expected
28  That Championship Season by Victor Gluck on 03/14/2011
29  That Damn Dykstra: A Boxed Set by Jack Quinn on 02/13/2003
30  That Scoundrel Scapin by Simon Saltzman on 07/25/2003
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