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1  Sabina by Arney Rosenblat on 02/07/2005
2  Safe Home by Eugene Paul on 01/12/2010
3  Sail Away by Victor Gluck on 02/27/2010
4  Saint Joan by Deirdre Donovan on 01/01/2014
5  Salome by Matt Windman on 04/23/2003
6  Same Time, Next Year, The Musical by Victor Gluck on 04/04/2013
7  Samual Beckett's Waiting For Godot by Jason Tyne on 01/27/2005
8  San Francisco Ballet At Lincoln Center – Mixed Bill Program by Joel Benjamin on 10/29/2013
9  Sandman by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 05/09/2002
10  Santa Claus Is Coming Out: An Interview With Actor-Writer Jeffrey Solomon by Deirdre Donovan on 11/29/2009
11  Sarah Partridge At The Algonquin Jun 12Th - Jun 23Rd 2007 by Linda Amiel Burns on 06/20/2007
12  Sarah Ruhl’S Passion Play by Victor Gluck on 05/23/2010
13  Sarah Silverman In "Jesus Is Magic" by Matt Windman on 05/20/2003
14  Sardi's Receives Patriotism Award by Eugene Paul on 12/19/2007
15  Satchmo At The Waldorf by Staff Writer on 03/23/2014
16  Satchmo At The Waldorf by Staff Writer on 03/23/2014
17  Saturn Returns by Victor Gluck on 11/13/2008
18  Save The World by Eugene Paul on 01/28/2008
19  Saved by Victor Gluck on 06/10/2008
20  Say Goodnight Gracie: - An American Story! by Carolyn Albert on 10/22/2002
21  Scandalous by Joel Benjamin on 11/27/2012
22  Scarcity by Andy Smith on 09/24/2007
23  Scattergood by Simon Saltzman on 03/06/2003
24  Scene In Broadway's Democracy Is Changed After Publication Of Swedish Diplomat's Letter by Tom Mcmorrow on 03/01/2005
25  Scenes From An Execution by Eugene Paul on 07/07/2008
26  School For Wives by Andy Smith on 11/26/2006
27  Scott Siegel, Offstage, Unplugged, On The Ball by Rob Lester on 10/14/2008
28  Scriabin by R. Pikser on 11/03/2010
29  Sea Marks by Victor Gluck on 05/11/2014
30  Seafarer by Eugene Paul on 12/10/2007
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