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1  Rabbit Hole by Kerrie Smith on 02/12/2006
2  Race by Eugene Paul on 12/20/2009
3  Race Music by Deirdre Donovan on 09/15/2009
4  Radio Golf by Victor Gluck on 05/13/2007
5  Radio Macbeth And War Of The Worlds by Deirdre Donovan on 10/20/2010
6  Raft Of The Medusa by Deirdre Donovan on 10/11/2011
7  Rafta, Rafta… by Victor Gluck on 05/14/2008
8  Rage Of Achilles At The 92Nd Street Y by Jenifer Braun on 03/17/2005
9  Ragtime by Edward Lieberman on 03/24/2014
10  Ragtime At The Papermill by Simon Saltzman on 06/14/2005
11  Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles On Broadway by Deirdre Donovan on 10/11/2010
12  Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles On Broadway by Deirdre Donovan on 11/24/2010
13  Raised In Captivity by Eugene Paul on 02/11/2009
14  Raisin In The Sun by Tritano Evans on 05/09/2004
15  Raissa Katona Bennett: "It’S Possible" by Philis Raskind on 03/11/2007
16  Random Access Music Presents Parthenia, A Consort Of Viols, Prisms: Ancient Courses In A New Light. by Jean Ballard Terepka on 11/11/2013
17  Rantoul And Die by Eugene Paul on 06/27/2013
18  Rasta Thomas' "Rock The Ballet" by Joel Benjamin on 12/19/2009
19  Re-Gift Of The Magi by Darryl Reilly on 12/13/2013
20  Really Really by Victor Gluck on 02/26/2013
21  Reasons To Be Happy by Victor Gluck on 06/12/2013
22  Reckless by Gwen Orel on 10/17/2004
23  Red by Victor Gluck on 04/08/2010
24  Red Dog Howls by Victor Gluck on 09/27/2012
25  Red Eye Of Love by Daniel J. Lee on 09/10/2014
26  Red Hot Mama by Judith Karasik on 06/07/2002
27  Red Light Winter by Gordin & Christiano on 03/10/2006
28  Red Star Red Army Chorus & Dance Ensemble by Joel Benjamin on 04/01/2012
29  Red, Hot And Blue! by Victor Gluck on 10/04/2012
30  Reflections On The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival by Jean Ballard Terepka on 06/26/2014
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