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1  Pacific Overtures by Simon Saltzman on 12/16/2004
2  Packed Majestic Theater Sees Unforgettable Tribute To Broadway's Great Composer-Lyricist Cy Coleman by Tom Mcmorrow & Jeannie Lieberman on 01/11/2005
3  Pageant by Darryl Reilly on 07/15/2014
4  Pains Of Youth by Eric Grunin on 02/23/2014
5  Paint Your Wagon by Victor Gluck on 10/26/2009
6  Painting Churches by Victor Gluck on 03/12/2012
7  Pal Joey by Simon Saltzman on 12/18/2008
8  Panama Hattie by Victor Gluck on 10/15/2010
9  Paper by Lucy Conniff on 04/27/2003
10  Paper Dolls by Jack Quinn on 08/16/2008
11  Paris by Victor Gluck on 04/20/2008
12  Paris Opera Ballet At The Lincoln Center Festival 2012 by Joel Benjamin on 07/16/2012
13  Parlour Song by Victor Gluck on 03/18/2008
14  Parsons Dance by R. Pikser on 02/10/2011
15  Parsons Dance by Joel Benjamin on 01/14/2012
16  Parsons Dance by Joel Benjamin on 01/21/2014
17  Party Time by Victor Gluck on 01/15/2007
18  Passing Strange by Victor Gluck on 05/15/2007
19  Passing Strange by Eugene Paul on 03/27/2008
20  Passion by Victor Gluck on 03/06/2013
21  Passion, Dicapo Opera Theatre by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 04/27/2003
22  Patience by Deirdre Donovan on 03/15/2012
23  Patrick Page: Good To Be Bad by Darryl Reilly on 01/29/2014
24  Patty Clark At Sardi's by John Hoglund on 05/13/2009
25  Paul Szilard Obituary by Staff Writer on 07/26/2013
26  Paul Taylor Dance Company by Joel Benjamin on 02/27/2010
27  Paul Taylor Dance Company by Joel Benjamin on 04/01/2012
28  Paul Taylor Dance Company Celebrates 50 Years by Molly Holm & Mark Messer on 12/06/2004
29  Peeling The Political Onion: Lead Actress Talks About Diverse City Theater Company’S Revival Of “Two Rooms” by Deirdre Donovan on 08/02/2012
30  Peer Gynt by Tuomas Hil on 04/15/2006
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