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1  Kabarett Kollektif "Berlin-Paris Express" Karen Kohler And Greta by: Philis Raskind on 05/09/2005
2  Kaddish By Anna Sokolow At 92Nd Street Y by: Author's Name on 02/16/2010
3  Kaos: The Feeling Of Sand On My Feet by: R. Pikser on 12/17/2006
4  Karen Akers' "Time After Time" At Queen's Theater by: Jack Quinn on 11/12/2004
5  Karen Akers: Simply Styne At The Oak Room At The Algonquin by: John Hoglund on 04/24/2007
6  Karen Akers: "Theatre Songs" by: Robert Windeler on 04/20/2003
7  Karen Kohler: Three Pennies And A Touch Of Venus by: Philis Raskind on 10/15/2006
8  Karen Mason At The King Kong Room by: April Grier on 09/23/2003
9  Karen Mason: The Sweetest Of Nights by: Philis Raskind on 06/21/2006
10  Kathleen France Book Of Love: Metropolitan Room by: John Hoglund on 05/22/2010
11  Kathleen Landis & Evan Stern: 'Let's Misbehave! A Jazz Era Romp˚ by: Linda Amiel Burns on 03/26/2007
12  Katie Roche by: Victor Gluck on 03/07/2013
13  Keiko Fujii Dance Company: The Mirror by: Molly Holm on 10/05/2005
14  Ken Lavigne: Canada’S Crossover Classical Singer by: Susan Friedman on 01/25/2009
15  Kerouac by: Jack Quinn on 01/31/2003
16  Kesselring Prize For Playwriting Awarded To Deb Margolin by: Staff Writer on 12/06/2005
17  Kicking A Dead Horse by: Victor Gluck on 07/16/2008
18  Killers And Other Family by: Victor Gluck on 09/29/2009
19  Kim Smith “Misfit” by: John Hoglund on 04/04/2011
20  Kimberly Akimbo by: Simon Saltzman on 02/13/2003
21  Kindness by: Michael Lazan on 10/26/2008
22  King Cowboy Rufus Rules The Universe by: Tim Steffen on 01/20/2004
23  King Executioner by: Eugene Paul on 03/26/2013
24  King Lear by: Simon Saltzman on 03/19/2004
25  King Lear by: Victor Gluck on 03/08/2007
26  King Lear by: Deirdre Donovan on 11/11/2011
27  King Lear by: Joel Benjamin on 01/18/2014
28  King Lear by: Victor Gluck on 08/09/2014
29  King Lear At Bam by: Joel Benjamin on 05/18/2011
30  King Lear (Theatre For A New Audience) by: Victor Gluck on 03/29/2014
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