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1  Dai (Enough) by Victor Gluck on 01/15/2007
2  Daisy Does 54: Tells Tales, Truths, And Talks Toilet Training by Staff Writer on 04/29/2014
3  Damascus by Michael Lazan on 05/28/2008
4  Dame Edna Everage To Appear At The Metropolitan Opera by Staff Writer on 12/19/2004
5  Dame Edna: Back With A Vengeance by Tom Mcmorrow on 11/24/2004
6  Dames At Sea by Simon Saltzman on 09/12/2004
7  Damn Yankees by Joel Benjamin on 07/15/2008
8  Damnation De Faust by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 10/29/2002
9  Dance Cuba: Fuerza Y Compas De Novo by Tim Steffen on 11/20/2003
10  Dance From The Heart – Program One by Joel Benjamin on 02/06/2013
11  Dance Impressions by Author's Name on 05/10/2009
12  Dance Of Death by Nina Davinci Nichols on 02/26/2002
13  Dance Rocks: Career Transition For Dancers 22Nd Anniversary Jubilee by Kathryn Dunn on 11/05/2007
14  Dancesport, Anyone? Or Everyone? by Eugene Paul on 08/19/2010
15  Dancing At Lughnasa by Joel Benjamin on 01/23/2012
16  Dancing On Nails by Victor Gluck on 08/03/2013
17  Danny And The Deep Blue Sea by Arney Rosenblat on 11/22/2004
18  Dark Matters by Victor Gluck on 12/05/2006
19  Dark Yellow by Loria Parker on 06/08/2006
20  Darkling by Tuomas Hil on 03/10/2006
21  Darren Williams “Not The Boy Next Door – The Peter Allen Songbook" by Linda Amiel Burns on 11/15/2009
22  David’S Redhaired Death by R. Pikser on 11/16/2013
23  David Daniels, Carnegie Hall Recital Debut by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 11/26/2002
24  David Dorfman Dance: Prophets Of Funk by Joel Benjamin on 02/05/2012
25  David Pelegrene: At Your Request: Cd Review by John Hoglund on 06/04/2007
26  David Sabella's Successful Cabaret Debut by Bruce-Michael Gelbert on 05/13/2002
27  Dead Accounts by Eugene Paul on 12/07/2012
28  Dead Behind These Eyes by Darryl Reilly on 09/01/2014
29  Dear Prudence Comes Out To Play by Noah Munro Lehrman on 04/15/2003
30  Death Of A Salesman by Eugene Paul on 03/31/2012
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