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Theater 3


July 24, 2015

Eric, a young man in his early 20’s nervously enters through a door onstage and sits at a piano and plays. He is writing a musical about his life and is soon joined by a young trio, two women and man. They represent his “thoughts,” and perform the various characters in his story as well as dealing with his temperamental personality. [more]

Devil and the Deep

June 15, 2015

As if a talking parrot weren’t magical enough, the production and costumes are truly inspired. Conceptualized by Alisa Simonel-Keegan & Jim Keegan, the set design for this production is imaginative and destroys the perceived idea of value for a show presented in a black box theater. The lighting design (Jessica M. Kasprisin) is particularly beautiful, and is so unique in that it breathes a singular life into each separate exotic location. The finishing touch in the quest for an unmistakable mysticism and adventurous spirit can be traced to the costume design (Adrienne Carlile) which sees every single pirate, sailor, parrot or person uniquely dressed. [more]