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Christopher Romero Wilson

Tammany Hall

November 5, 2021

Co-creators and co-directors Darren Lee Cole and Alexander Flanagan-Wright have crafted a novel documentary premise, enforced with immaculate historical detail without being pedantic. The events and sense of this period are imparted through precise information characters deliver. That’s aided by the company wearing costume designer Grace Jeon’s smart dark suits, a variety of hats, and smashing flapper dresses. Lighting designer Emily Clarkson and sound designer Megan Culley add to the authenticity with their high caliber contributions. [more]

Othello (American Sephardi Federation)

June 27, 2016

The American Sephardi Federation’s production of a greatly compressed "Othello" at the beautiful Center for Jewish History. This was the third of a series of three shows staged to showcase the talents of David Serero. He’s a Moroccan Sephardic Jewish performer who has charm and charisma. [more]