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Katdashians! Break the Musical!

For a mindless evening of entertainment, this musical is the “purr”-fect concoction.

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The ensemble of “Katdashians! Break the Musical” (Photo credit: Charlie Parden)

The ensemble of “Katdashians! Break the Musical” (Photo credit: Charlie Parden)


Courtney Marie, Critic

It’s the family we can’t peel our eyes away from… it’s the Kar – scratch that – Katdashians!

Whether you love them or hate them, everyone has heard of this infamous family and their absurd adventures. Bob and Tobly McSmith’s new musical, Katdashians! Break the Musical! presents the epitome of reality TV celebrities in the form of felines – guess they hit the nail on the head with this clan who lives for a good catfight. Written and composed by the McSmiths, this is the team that also brought you Bayside! The Musical! and Showgirls! The Musical!

For those familiar with the over-the-top personalities, signature style, and crazy drama of the Kardashian/Jenner family, there is no shortage of cheap and hilarious shots that make for a sidesplitting evening. No one is safe, as relationships (Oh where are you, Scott Disick?), selfie assessments (Is that camera permanently attached to your hand Kim?) and career choices (How’s that designer sock collection working out for you, Rob?) are all pushed to the forefront as the family shamelessly and relentlessly picks each other apart. The silver lining? Suddenly, your troubles don’t seem so bad.

Under John Duff’s direction, this energetic group of performers get an A+ for accurately portraying their chosen characters. As KimKat, Carmen Mendoza is as self-centered as can be and let her queen status be known with “The Selfie Song,” while Elliott Brooks’ KhloeKat takes on the role of the black sheep of the family with her hysterical, crude and unfiltered persona shining through. As KrisKat, Bailey Nolan makes her mark as the creator of the litter known from the start and is just as domineering and commanding as you’d expect. Peter Smith, who is a supporting player in the Kardashians’ show, takes on the role of Bruce Jenner/Catlyn and tries to find his place among divas – getting his moment with the catchy, “Bruce Jenner (He’s a Man’s Man).”

Carmen Mendoza as KimKat in a scene from “Katdashians! Break the Musical” (Photo credit: Charlie Parden)

Carmen Mendoza as KimKat in a scene from “Katdashians! Break the Musical” (Photo credit: Charlie Parden)

As KylieKat, Viva Soudan and the ying to her yang, Ariel Ash’s KendallKat, contain an energy of those annoying cheerleaders in high school who would have made even the ditsiest airhead look smart. At the bottom of the family hierarchy, these girls have to work hard to be noticed – like why does everyone only notice Kim? They do manage to take center stage with the “Kendall and Kylie Klapback Track.”  Musical numbers are snappy and witty and the dancing is upbeat, entertaining, and sleek. Kudos to choreographer Soudan and the house band!

The costume design by Nolan looks like a cross between animal prints and lingerie. The sexy-get up takes the form of tight bodysuits with plenty of accessories and bling – perfect for the family who lives to stand out. Cause if you are not the target of Perez Hilton or trending on Twitter, what’s the point?

For a mindless evening of entertainment, Katdashians! Break the Musical! is the “purr”-fect concoction. Drink up, dolls!

Katdashians! Break the Musical! (through July 30, 2016)

The Elektra Theatre, 300 W. 43rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues, in Manhattan

For tickets, visit

Running time: one hour and 45 minutes with one intermission

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