Star Dust: A Ballet Tribute to David Bowie

Darryl Reilly, Critic Dazzling visualizations of nine, iconic songs are superbly choreographed by Dwight Rhoden in Star Dust: A Ballet Tribute to David Bowie. The Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company presents this 45-minute piece that feature exhilarating dancing and sensational costumes. Opening with the cryptic and elegiac “Lazarus,” and concluding with a euphoric curtain call of “Let’s Dance,” the show is an enthralling spectacle. With arresting imagery and stunning compositions, Mr. Rhoden creates dynamic sequences that seamlessly blend from one to another. With the exception of one number, all of the sequences are set to perfectly amplified, original recordings by Bowie. At times, some of the dancers emphatically lip-synch to them. This adds a moving layer to the production as it makes it seem as though Bowie’s aura is present. It all vividly translates Bowie’s sound and vision to the stage. Rhoden devises ingenious pictorial takes that capture the moods and tones of these songs that span the decades of Bowie’s career. “1984’s” pulsating, 1970’s funk is a forceful and seductive tapestry of societal unrest. “Life on Mars” is an epic reverie to nostalgia. “Space Oddity” is a free-form panorama of gliding movements with a unisex twist. “Changes” is an upbeat … Continue reading Star Dust: A Ballet Tribute to David Bowie